Benjamin Creek is an Australian interdisciplinary artist, designer and maker based in Berlin with a studio space in Wedding. He has explored many disciplines spanning from community projects in Melbourne, service & system design in Japan, industrial design in the manufacturing hub of China and recently installation art in Berlin.

Creek's freelance practice currently spans into 2 main categories:

Industrial design for predominately sculpture based projects and exhibition installations. Utilizing his background in multimedia & industrial design within the eld of visual arts, which increasingly incorporates industrial processes and techniques. He also assists with the background activity behind the modern art industry such as artwork maintenance, transportation and installation. He currently works with some of Europe's most prominent international galleries such as Esther Schipper, Neugerriemschneider and König Galerie as well as assisting established international artists Anton Burdakov and Alex Martis Roe in their local and international exhibitions.

Creek's own creative work combines multimedia, industrial and interaction design to engage with theories around virtual environments, tangible interaction and biomimicry. Having has exhibited both in numerous group shows and solo exhibitions both in Europe and Australia.


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